• Zijian Wang is now a second-year Ph.D. student majoring in Mechanical Engineering at Boston University. I'm currently working with Prof. Mac Schwager at Multi-robot Systems Lab.
My research interests are multi-robot systems, bio-inspired robotics, modular robotics, intelligent control, and robot learning. See some of my research projects. See my CV.
I'm also a composer in my spare time. I have composed more than twenty original songs in the past 7 years. Some of my songs are shot into MTV. Please listen to my songs.

What's New

• Oct/01/2014 - Submitted one paper to ICRA 2015.
• Aug/15/2014 - My paper was accepted by DARS 2014!

My dream on robotics

36 years ago, Mr. Steve Jobs opened his company, Apple, in his garage aiming to produce easy-to-use PC. Computers at that time are both bulky and complicated to use. He changed the world because he produced what everyone wants and everyone can easily use. Therefore, the past thirty years are marked with PC, infomation, smart phones and Apple company.

So how about the next thirty years? I believe it is robot that will step onto the stage. In the rest of 21th century, I think humans can live a more comfortable and smart life because we have robots to help us with all kinds of onerous things, thus improving our life quality. Currently, robots are confined to do only preassigned repeated work because they cannot adapt to different complex environment. That's why we rarely see robots in everyday life. However, in the future, number of robots will explode due to advancement in fields like mechanics, material, computer science, semi-conductor, electrical engineering, sensors or even Internet. Robots will be autonomous and user-friendly thanks to the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

To live, to change. This is why I exist. I like robots, I am eager to know more deeply about robots and now I'm preparing for my further education in robotics. I believe there's one day I can produce wonderful robots to change the way people live, to help more people, to make the world more beautiful!

- Zijian